In loving memory of Shamsul Janah (Janaku) 27th July 1979 - 05th Nov 2007  

Sunday, November 11, 2007

With our love we shall heal our broken hearts, With faith we shall give to each other strength so we may comfort one another, Our courage will allow us to heal as we help others.Love, Faith, and Courage give us hope that the pain will be less than today's in the tomorrows that we share our story of sorrow & pain, enlightening minds of others.

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Maldivian Graffiti Artists Contest No.1 Sponsored by Le Cute  

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Click on the Picture for more info and to sign up.

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A sweet happy birthday to my one n only niece Eynal..!!  

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Eynu.

It's also Bombes (5th oct 1986 - 30th sep 2007) bday who died few days back.

May He Rest In Peace.

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B'day gift from my friend Swordfish aka Ahmed Ax  

Monday, September 24, 2007

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Happy 2nd Annnniiiiversarryy to Az n Ibuuuuu..!!  

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Your anniversary is a time
For sharing your affection;
It’s obvious the two of you
Have quite a deep connection!

I send glad congratulations
And heartfelt wishes, too,
For joyful happiness and love
In everything you do.

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B'day Wishes....!!!!  

Simon Special by Mys Mysh Mysha :-D
Happy Birthday..From Mom n Dad
Happy Bday Podiiiii...from Loothie
Happy Bday brother...from Adhyb
Happy Birthday..This is ur day..On this day for u every bodys gonna love u..each n every way..From Rishana
Wish u a vv HAPPY BDAY.. hope u'l enjoy ur bday..may god bless hav a wonderful bday.. bye..from Nahula
Happy Bday Podi...from Ghadha
Happy Bday podi baba.. u jus turned ** from miguru
Happy Bday podi..from azu
Jus remembered its ur bday..Happy Birthday..from Sambe
Happy birthday k3riti..from Loddey
Happy Bday dude...from Issay Shareef
Happy Birthday...from Nimaa
wish u a very hapi bday simon!!...from Fathmath Jumana
hey, happy b'day dear...hav a blast!!!...from shop garl
hey assbe....hapi b'day to ya...:P...from Hana Sabig
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!...from Mariyam Shany Ahmed
have a wonderful Birthday...from Ahmed Nihan
happy birthday man,wish you all da best!!!!...from ShifKhan Ahmed
Happy Birthday ;o) ....from Lara Rasheed
Happy bday...from Himyaan n Limyaan (Him n Lim)

HAPPY B DAY SIMON!!! :P HOPE U"LL HAVE A BLAST!!!..from Aneesa Yoosuf
happy birthday ... have a gud one mate..from Umar Oththo
happy birthday... Ali Shiyam
happy birthday podi man! have a blast on ur birthday!! :D .. from Moosa Zyban
Happy Bday...from Shiuna
happy birthday...from Idhikeeli Meehun
happy happy bday podi marley.enjoy to the fullest. tc :-D ... from Eynas Wasym
happy birthday man...from Ifrah Areef
yo yo bro...wish you a very happy b'day......have fun...from Mohamed Mushad
eyyyy happy b'dayyy.. muskulhi v dhoa...from Nadha Naseem
happy bday.. hope u hav an awesome day...Sana Saleem
its simons b day ? happi b day dude....from Aminath Shaz
ehh simon, happy bday, wish a bright future ahead...from Hussain Shimal
HAPPEEEEEE BIRTHDAYYYY simon!!!! (hugs) :D .....wish u happiness n joy all year through ;D ...from Schax Yusuf
HappY BdaY SimoN...from Aushan Latheef
Happy bday ingey dear...from Mariyam Lisha
Happy bday bro...from Jungaly
HAHA HAPPY B DAY BRO...from Maskey Abrahamovich
Happy happy bday Simon!...from Aru Latheef
Happy Bday Simon...from Nilusha
*phone rings* *picks up n say hello* eyyy podi happy b'day ingey...madu kurahchey happy b'day ingey... from Yootey n Ille
Podi Baba Happy B'day..from Kala , Maheyswari n Ranjini
happy birthday podi marley;) :P ...from Autodynamix
happi birday virus!...from Foniboki
wish u a v.happii b'day simon style virus =) enjoy ur day...from Blinkgurl
Happy birthday style virus :) ...from Pixie
many happy returns of the day simon style virus...from hussein i-nerd
happy burthday!...from Spark of Silence
happy bday simon!...from i-kko
my wishes too :P .. from s[u]jau
happy b day! :-D ...from sHweeeeeT
hape baarth day SSV..from Frozen Solid
Happy Bday dude...from Ahmed Ax
happy b'day dude... cool name u've got there ;) ... from Nass
happy bday dude.. have a great day...from Hssn Suju
Happy borrrrrrrrrrth day...Hav a blast...mwaahhh...from Fathmath Shani
wishing u a v happy b day.with luv from MAAK.
Happy bday...from Aishath Nanda Jalyl
Last person to wish me 2359 ga...hehe... Happy B'day ingey..from Maryam Yusra

Belated Wishes
Happy Belated Bday love n sorrii..from Dev!ls Gal
Happy Belated Bday...from Lauza really sorry...wish u a very very happy birthday simon:( ...from Mariyam Aroosha
simon....many many many happy return....Is the overgrown hair also a symbol of your age and maturity?...from Aminath Nisha
Happy Belated Birthday...from Sama Thaufeeq
Happy Belated Birthday...Nabaha
A belated Happy Birthday to you! Sorry I didn't drop by sooner :) ...from Amanda

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i jus turned 23....!!!  

Friday, September 21, 2007

this was the post on the b'day blog
will post my b'day wishes on 23rd heheheh

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